Jamie Persse

Leadership & Professional Development Consultant

I recently conducted a survey of associates and clients I’ve had the pleasure of serving in business over the past 30+ years. The top responses out of the 100+ responses I received were “analytical, intelligent, knowledgeable, focused, committed, genuine, and lastly, optimistic and positive”. Am I referencing this to impress you? No.  I reference this to simply offer some insight into the person and organization that would love to help take you and your organization to the next level.  I look at each opportunity to serve my clients with passion and commitment. Likewise, I believe that each client is unique in their needs. 

As a Boutique Consultant, we offer skills based and experiential learning training and facilitation. Our training, coaching, and speaking engagements are designed to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Our specialties are working with Corporations, Not-for-profits, and Government entities on increasing their desired results through Leadership Development, Human Capital Personal and Professional Growth, and Executive Consulting and Coaching. We also offer customized programs to meet the needs of our clients aimed at increasing the effectiveness of internal/external Corporate Communications, Corporate Culture redevelopment, and Sales and Sales Leadership Training. We pride ourselves in applying a true needs based approach and fully understanding the needs of our client prior to presenting and implementing any potential solution.

Please call us or email us so we can start the conversation on how we may help take you and your organization the next level.