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Are you seeking a speaker that leaves your audience better than when they arrived?  Good, because as you have probably experienced speaker’s that can do just the opposite. As an experienced speaker, my aim is to educate, inspire and motivate your audience. Whether the audience is large or small, there are certain underlying belief’s that I adhere to that make a speaking engagement effective. First, my commitment is to add value to the audience, by leaving them better off for the experience. And secondly and as equally important, I commit to leaving your audience with something to act on and use in their lives to make them more successful. I believe that my work from the stage starts with understanding the audience I’m there to serve. Furthermore, I believe that connecting with audience, with easy-to-understand yet impactful information is critical to learning. Namely, my goal is to make it real for the audience. 



Today, the need for training differs greatly than years ago. In light of that fact, I offer a variety of training opportunities. I can facilitate training of your material, of my subject matter material that suits your needs, or provide you with custom training materials. At your direction, I will deliver your training in a clear and effective structure that equips your team with the proper knowledge and skills to be more effective achieving your organizations goals. We will work through goal setting and communication exercises that will bring cohesiveness to your group ultimately increasing productivity due to the positive influences each member will have on the group as a whole.  I will always seek to incorporate your organization’s meeting theme, mission/vision statement and build on your existing training schedule to best fit the needs of your group.


Coaching Services

To embrace the beneficial nature of coaching, think for a moment of some of the most successful individuals in society today. I constantly hear how the world’s best golfers, like Jordan Spieth or Phil Mickelson, or maybe Tiger Woods, are continually growing and changing with the help of their coaches. 

And your favorite quarterback, or basketball player, or your favorite actor/actress, or singer, don’t they all have a coach or two? 

While this reinforces the importance of coaching, unfortunately coaching today is a widely misunderstood term as it pertains to personal and professional development. We often think of coaching in the sense of sports, where an individual or, group of individuals, are taught from people with experience in the particular subject matter. The experienced “coach” teaches, trains, and mentors the “players”. While the concept is the same, the actual practice is quite the opposite in the personal and professional development arena. In the area of personal and professional coaching, the fundamental belief is that the answer comes from within the participant. The coaching process is designed for one purpose: to help you (and/or your team) achieve a greater level of conscious awareness in order improve and increase your effectiveness and performance, and realize your goals and aspirations. As a coach, I help people and small groups achieve success, and help participants achieve their full potential.

We often hear the phrase that we need to “think out of the box” only to get “stuck”, because we are limited in our thinking based on our usual patterns and behaviors. We are often held hostage in our ability to grow based on our own beliefs, based on past or current circumstances. You’ve surely heard the phrase “it’s difficult to teach old dog new tricks”. There lies the opportunity! We are all somewhat conditioned in what we do, and how we do it. Studies consistently reveal that the individuals and companies that engage Professional and Executive Coaches achieve greater levels of success in their endeavors. To find out more about the benefits of engaging me as your Professional/Executive Coach, please call or email me today.


Though popularized by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”, the practice of  “masterminding” has been present for centuries. Masterminding is the coming together of growth minded people to achieve success by engaging in brainstorming, collaboration, education, and peer accountability. Furthermore, the purpose of the group is to come together around a common purpose, subject matter, or topic to learn and grow. The key to achieving success in the mastermind is the willing participation of each member of the group, in an organized, nurturing and supportive environment. The practice of masterminding often leads to extraordinary results in business and personal development. 

Organizations often engage us to act as a facilitator with key stakeholders and personnel for brainstorming around a particular project or desired organizational goal. Similarly, organizations frequently engage us to conduct groups that are for the purpose, benefit, and concern for their staff and employees.  These groups have been known to focus on a particular topical study that enhances and build peoples soft-skills. This could include improving one’s influence, communications, building strong relationships, leadership skills, etc. 

Masterminding Group Oswego NY

To be accommodating, we offer mastermind groups in a variety of ways. We conduct face-to-face groups where the facilitator and members meet in person, on location. Due to geographical limitations that may be present, we also offer virtual groups, where the facilitator and members “meet” using technology, be it on-line, or via conference call.

To offer your own customized group, or to inquire as to Mastermind Group’s we have scheduled, call or email us today. Or, simply “Join the List” by entering your email address on the upper right corner of this page.